{Let It Be}

When they find themselves in times of trouble, PC users come to Be,
seeking words of wisdom: Let it Be.

And in your hour of darkness, there is William Gates in front of thee,
selling you archaic legacy.

Let it Be. Let it Be. Sell your Mac and PC.
Wipe your OS/2 drive -- switch to Be.

And when the disillusioned people living in the world agree,
Apple ain't the answer. Let it Be.

Let it Be. Let it Be. Just ignore Windows NT.
They ain't got the answers. Let it Be.

And when the choice seems cloudy, there is still a light that shines on thee,
when you choose the best one; Make it Be.

Let it Be. Let it Be. Let's all switch to S.M.P.
Unix is too bloated. Let it Be.

[originally posted from Jeff Glatt @ comp.sys.be]