Here you will find some source which is related to gameboy advance development.
Maybe i'll have someday enough time to write a small 2d-shooter...


Pogoshell is a great application for your gba. With pogoshell you'll be able to have many savegames on one catridge,
because they are compressed and saved in the upper sram banks when they aren't used.
pogoshell is maintained by sasq and you'll find the latest version at http://www.obsession.se/pocket/.
I'm using version 2.0beta3, because the other builds are not compiled for Linux.
I stumbled on smaller bugs and fixed them:

Sometimes makefs segfaulted, because filenames were lowered before they were opened by makefs.
Here's my version of makefs, which hasn't such problems: makefs.c.

One day, pogoshell somehow fucked up the sram and then crashed the whole time.
I didn't wanted to loose all my savegames, so i wrote a small tool which tries to get all files out of a sram dump.
Well, here it is: extract_save2.c
If you like to backup your savegames as well, follow these steps:

  1. Dump the SRAM to the file "sram_dump"
  2. Split it into 64k-blocks: "split -b 64k sram_dump bank"
  3. Compile extract_save2: "gcc extract_save2.c -o extract_save"
  4. Extract the Savegames: "for i in bank*; do ./extract_save $i; done"
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