Here you'll find code snippets, scripts and patches for linux.


After using ion3 for quite a long time, i decided to try some new window manager and found dwm.
I won't bother you with the details of dwm, but share some code with you :}
Beginning with the changeset 1370 dwm doesn't read the status from stdin anymore which is a pity for all those old status scripts/tools.
If you still want to use your old tool, have a look at stdin2xprop, which writes every line from stdin to the appropriate X property.


I've hacked a minimal web frontend for cmus, which is usable from small screens like those of an Nintendo DS(with Opera).
It is basically a small http server, which executes predefined cmus commands via cmus-remote if it receives a request
for "special" files like /play or /seek+1m. It also answers every GET with an html where all those commands are linked.
I would be happy to see your changes in my inbox. ;)
cmus_http.py:{GPG sig}

{old and outdated stuff}

8 Queens: It's a solution for the 8 queens chess problem in python.
There's even a version, which uses ncurses to show the algorithm.
But be aware, the code might be ugly, because it was my first python app...
If you want a pythonic implementation, look into the Python Sourcecode (Lib/test/test_generators.py)

chbg.pl: It's a small perl script, which can change the background of x11 randomly.

I patched ospmd-20020429 for my laptop. Now it'll switch to standby if i close the lid.
Download: ospmd-20020429-lid-standby.patch.gz.
I made some changes to the default acpid configuration.
Now it feels like the ospmd patch above for acpid ;). Download: acpid-conf.tar.gz

My pwm configuration

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